Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#013, in which Danny-boy almost drinks the purple kool-aid

The second story from BLUE BEETLE #2, another 8 pager, deals with a murder for insurance ring, perpetrated by a death dealing Dr. Hanrahan.
It's a typical set-up-the-scheme, then beat up the goon squad story.

Lots of gags this time, including the Beetle seemingly toasting to the inevitable shock-filled ending of the villian. As is par for the course, Mannigan gets in the way, gets coshed, and generally steps on the Beetle's toes. Charley Storm returns, vowing along with Mannigan to bring down the Beetle.

Gadgets include a vial/container conveniently tucked into his belt buckle compartment, and the beetle search-light. No change to the costume.
Art is by Charles Nicholas, although his role as Beetle's main artist is diminishing as the demand for more BB stories grows.

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