Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#014, in which Danny-boy finds a whey to milk a confession

In this third entry from BLUE BEETLE #2, Garret takes on more mobsters and their crooked lawyer in a case involving a kidnapped judge's daughter.

Cop killing, and blackmail all play a part in this one.We even learn that Dan drinks milk instead of beer, and he gets appropriately ribbed for it at a local bar. There's a particularly nasty scene where one of the goons threatens to cut out the Beetle's eye and make him wear it as jewelry!

Standard fare, but filled with more action than usual, with some nice fight panels by Charles Nicholas. The Beetle gets some pretty good dialog as well, and his character is finally starting to develop from cookie cutter hero to one with defined quirks and personality traits.
The trusty wireless phone is in use again in this story, but that's the extent of gadget use. Costume changes include the omission of the beetle emblem on the belt buckle.

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