Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#019, in which Danny-boy tells us "Hey ,Spike, I got the mitts"

MYSTERY MEN COMIC #10, May 1940, and BB graces the cover with a Joe Simon rendering frought with danger, bondage, torture and the "Asian Menace"--none of which actually take place within the book.
What we do get is a by rote adventure that is standard for the Beetle. Thugs are shaking down business owners for protection money, and BB steps in to put a stop to it. Every BB cliche is here: Mannigan gets put out of commission immediately, Beetle takes on an entire gang, gets whacked on the melon and knocked out, returns to kick some butt and quip snarky remarks. Mannigan and Dan exchange a zinger at the end.
Nothing special to make it stand out, but the art (by Larry Antonette) does have a lot of action to it.
We find out this time that BB's gloves are also made of chainmail, as panel 3,page 7 shows us the detail.
Beetle reminds us his suit is bulletproof, and there's more hints to his extra-normal strength when he breaks a binding of large rope.

Again, a typical story---but just wait til the homo-erotic kink of NEXT issue!

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