Thursday, April 3, 2014

#015, in which Danny-boy saves the watch-lickers and comes out without a cavity

Twenty-two years before a teenaged Peter Parker is bitten by a spider, the Blue Beetle is the first bug-themed hero to deal with radioactivity!

Told in the form of Charley Storm phoning in a report to his editor, Eli, it deals with radium, flouride, orphans and yet another scientist using the downtrodden in the name of progress.

This text story from BLUE BEETLE #2 runs fast and is over before you realize it.
By now every Beetle story is credited "by Charles Nicholas", but it's a good bet he didn't write this. In fact I'd wager it was Joe Simon, as it certainly is up his alley and a little too rough around the edges for Will Eisner by this stage.
Unkown artist, but those lanky stretchy legs almost seem like the work of Al Avison.


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