Friday, April 25, 2014

#022 in which Danny-boy gets deep in lady parts

BLUE BEETLE #3, July-August 1940 gives us something bigger and bolder--not one, but two supersized 31 page epic adventures!
The first is a total bijou b-movie boiler, that concerns the kidnapping of several uppercrust young ladies. As BB tries to solve the mystery he must first battle the requisite goons, and escape from the always-present explosions that seem to be happening in every story--not to mention a giant eagle that wants to pick his bones clean!

The villian here is named only as "Doc", and it seems he wants to cut these poor girls up (after a good lashing with a whip) and assemble their best parts into his perfect woman. The Beetle must fight off a squad of "giant thugs" (which ,although unspoken, appear to be creations of Doc), and the ever-bumbling meddling of Mannigan as he gets ever closer to rescuing the girls.

Mannigan, himself, gets an enormous amount of story time , getting close to catching BB several times, although his clumsiness is his downfall as usual.
The art in this story appears to be by either Tony Antonette or Pierce Rice --or possibly both.

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