Friday, April 4, 2014

#016, in which Danny-boy gets pounded in the Heinz end

In this one, from BLUE BEETLE #2, we finally get to see the Beetle move out of his wheelhouse of crime syndicates, and thugs, and take on something a little more sinister.
A group of saboteurs are putting a monkey wrench into the development of new US warplanes.
Although the US has not entered the war yet (this issue has a cover date of May/June 1940), we were ramping up our forces and machines, bracing for the inevitable.

The bad guys are the Nazis, although it's not specified if they are American or German-born.Garret uses a firearm once more in this story, this time a submachine gun
Charley Storm is back to report on the goings on, although his tenure in the series is on the short end, as we shall see in upcoming issues.

Mannigan has minimal story time in this one, but still manages to get his barbs in on the Beetle. Dr Franz is ever-present as the Beetle's man-behind-the-scenes.

Beetle-searchlight is again used to great effect,and again no costume change, as the gloves and belt remain yellow, and the beetle emblem remains omitted from the buckle.
The art is better than what we've been used to seeing ,as Louis Cazeneuve turns in rather exciting tale with his pen.

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