Monday, March 31, 2014

#012, in which Danny-boy discovers that he who smelt it dealt it

BLUE BEETLE #2 May-June 1940 finds the Beetle getting his title book all to himself this time, although there are still two reprint stories (from Mystery Men #'s 6 and 8).
Another excellent Lou Fine cover, that again shows our hero brandishing a pistol--something he has yet to do in the actual stories themselves. This time, however, BB does resort to actually using a gun, if only briefly.
It's a tale of stink bombs, insider trading, death in the operating room and a possible stock market crash.
Even Mannigan almost gets the Beetle!
This story introduces reporter Charley Storm.

BB utilizes his skeleton keys once more, and something new: aqua regia, which is nitro-hydrochloric acid, to dissolve metal and gain access to a safe! Neat trick!

Costume change is minimal, and more to do with the art than design. The chainmail of the outfit is not defined in this story at all, though there is no reason to think it's not there.

For the first time, the Beetle is drawn by someone other than Charles Nicholas. Despite the credit in the opening splash panel, this one is drawn by Louis Cazenueve.


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