Friday, March 28, 2014

#009, in which Danny-boy engages in Sybil disobedience

The Beetle's popularity continues to soar, as he finally gets the cover spot on MYSTERY MEN #7, February 1940 (uncredited, but most likely by Charles Nicholas), with a particularly lurid scene of two goons torturing and experimenting on a bound lass; the Beetle coming to the rescue and shooting one of them IN THE FACE!

The story itself revolves around a ring of imposters committing crimes in the Beetle's name, and their big score of a shipment of gold.Even Mannigan gets some sort of victory, by proxy!

A full 8 pages is given to our hero this time, as well as the lead-off story in the issue.
Gadgets used are the by-now familiar wireless phone, the requisite calling card of a beetle, "trick" make-up, and a handheld searchlight that projects the image of a giant beetle.
No costume changes in the story, but the cover features the use of yellow gloves. Art by Nicholas.

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