Saturday, March 29, 2014

#010,in which Danny-boy strokes it in public

The march 1940 issue of MYSTERY MEN, #8,  has our hero once again on the cover and once again dealing death to the goons who have bound yet another helpless woman. A Lou Fine cover, just the way we like them from him!

The Beetle gets top billing on the inside again as well, with an 8 page adventure dealing with gangsters putting the city into darkness so that they can carry out their crime under the protection of electrical blackout panic,(and a few explosions along the way).

Freckled faced Tom is back, and this time is represented as the mayor's son.
The trusty wireless phone gets the workout, as does Danny-boy, when he basically strips down to his skivvies to go swimming after a motorboat!
Tom, despite being kidnapped and beat upon, keeps saying what a "swell time" he's having (I suspect that kid has a few kinks in his closet!), and Mannigan of course laments his failure to catch the Beetle.

Costume change this time includes yellow gloves on both the cover and the interior story. Art by series creator Charles Nicholas.

One final bonus, is the advertisement for Fox's "Comic-scope" a projector utilizing a light bulb and lens to show your favorite comics larger tha life on the walls of your home. Adorned by several Foc characters ,including of course, ol Danny-boy as the Blue Beetle.
(I have included a scan of this same ad from Wonderworld Comics, as it's a better scan than the one I have from MM#8)

***a note about this entry's scans:this story was reprinted in BLUE BEETLE #2, which I have used here for the better scans. The reprint cuts out the final portion of the last page is -which reproduced here from a fiche file of MM#8, as to complete the full story. There is a lot of blurring in those last panels, but it's the best I could give at the moment***

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