Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#007, in which Danny-boy sings them songs doo-dah, and gets a deuce dropped on him

As discussed in the previous post, the contents of BLUE BEETLE #1 consisted of 5 Beetle reprints with a solitary new BB comic story (the rest of the issue rounded out with 4 Yarko reprints).
However, there was still one more all new Beetle story to be had in this issue.
The Beetle gets his first text story, and it's quite good. In fact, it's better than the bulk of the comic stories up to this point.
It's a particularly vicious tale of a serial cop killer, and one that delivers his kills on horseback, at that!

Sergeant Mannigan is represented here incorrectly as "Maddon", but that's a small, although curious, oversight.
No gadgets are implemented in this story. With only a single panel of BB in costume in this piece, for the first time there is no change in the costume.

No indication on the writer here, and probably not Eisner as he tended to make sure his text stories were credited. Art is by Charles Nicholas.

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