Thursday, March 27, 2014

#008, in which Danny-boy pitches a tent

1940 begins with the Beetle's next appearance in the January issue of MYSTERY MEN, #6.

BB's popularity has pushed his page count up to 6 pages by now, and there is a little more room for character development. Not much, but it's there, and several gags are worked into the story along with the usual final panel zinger.

As with previous stories, this one again is centered around BB tackling gang rackets, this time one where the gang is trying to force a local carnival to use their slot machines exclusively.

Oddly, even with the higher number of pages, the Beetle only appears in costume for 7 panels.
The wireless phone returns from the first BB story, as far as gadgets go. A costume change is yet again in order, as the gloves are now yellow, and the beetle emblem is gone from both the belt buckle and the cowl.
Again, art is by Charles Nicholas.This story is reprinted in BLUE BEETLE #2.

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