Saturday, March 22, 2014

#002, in which Danny-boy picks a fight with a chair

Blue Beetle returns in MYSTERY MEN #2, September 1939. This time around he has a standard super-hero outfit. All blue,short sleeved tunic type of top,gloves and belt, with an all in one legging/boot combo. A large beetle emblem is on his chest, and even though he has a cowl, there is no mask to hide his identity.The cowl also sports a pair of antennae!

As we will see, the costume will change quite often, sometimes with only slight variances, but many times it's a radically different design.
Introduced in this story is BB's sedan, emblazoned with a beetle symbol on it's sides.

Introduced here is newspaper boy "Tim", who will soon be rechristened as "Tom", and become a helpful ally of the Beetle.
Again, the story is penciled and inked by Charles Nicholas, and again it's likely to have been written by Will Eisner. Reprinted four months later in BLUE BEETLE #1.

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